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Abstract style (Photo:1.3) of (Ultrarealistic:1.3) <lora:FF-Latex.ID-XL-011.bf16:0.4> a beautiful gorgeous glamour girl in rubber tight body fit sexy white and pink latex suit standing sexy facing dynamic pose the camera in a grocery store, 1girl, solo, realistic, long hair style, modern hair, lips, glamour eyes, blurry, dress, blurry background, ranbow hair, Extremely high-resolution details, photographic, realism pushed to extreme, fine texture, incredibly lifelike (photorealistic:1.4), (masterpiece:1.3), (best quality:1.4), ultra high res, (detailed facial features), (detailed clothes features) <lora:FF-FaceLT-LycorisFF:1> a close portrait photography of a woman in a latex and oily latex bodysuit +++, (full body sexy pose)+, digital art, highly detailed, intricate, sharp focus, digital painting, concept art, ambient lighting, 4k, artstation, 1girl, bodysuit, breasts, cleavage, ponytail digital painting, concept art, ambient lighting, 4k, artstation, paint colors, art design, digital effects, splatter, smoke, water, fire, lights, paint splatter, 3d effects merge, psychedelic flowers patterns + sushi cuts + flowing bluejoo style hair + another june mimosa from movie breAKHonne, a french man, fl / 4-fashion + flowing neon makeup, (an a-necklace:1.1), (parted two time band portrait photography:1.1), highly detailed muted grey an rim lightGray eyes karol photo hanna puka rina flowers elegant highly detailed digital painting artstation pixiv, meme potbooru quality friends hg commission official twitter threads aaaa tweakage,Highly Detailed,(Muted Colors:1.3),(close portrait:1.3),(Feminine:1.4),(beautiful:1.4),(attractive:1.3),handsome,calendar pose,perfectly detailed eyes,studio lighting,thematic background . Non-representational, colors and shapes, expression of feelings, imaginative, highly detailed
Negative prompt
realistic, photographic, figurative, concrete, bad face, pixeled face, (((deformed)))+++, blurry, bad anatomy, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, nipples, nipple, mutated, (extra_limb), (ugly), (poorly drawn hands), fused fingers, messy drawing, multiple breasts, (mutated hands and fingers:1.5), (long body :1.3), (poorly drawn :1.2), black-white, bad anatomy, liquid body, liquidtongue, malformed, anatomical nonsense, text font ui, error, malformed hands, long neck, blurred, lowers, low res, bad anatomy, bad proportions, bad shadow, uncoordinated body, unnatural body,Amateur,Low rated,Phone,Wedding,Frame,Painting,tumblr,watermark,signature,robot eyes,distorted pupils,distorted eyes,Unnatural anatomy,strange anatomy,things on face
DPM++ 2M SDE Heun Exponential
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