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Surrealist art (Ultrarealistic:1.3) <lora:We_are_Electric:1> <lora:FF-Latex.ID-XL-011.bf16:1> mercedes-benz concept car interior, futuristic product car shot, futuristic concept design, futuristic interior, concept, in 2 0 5 5, glowing interior components, by Thomas Häfner, futuristic concept car, futuristic car, futuristic car concept, concept car, trending on vehicle design, futuristic cars, futuristic design, car concept, the image is futuristic electric car with a beautiful woman in a white dress with a choker, choker on neck, piercings collar, slave collar, wearing collar on neck, choker, wearing choker, wearing black choker, wearing collar, wearing detailed leather collar, collar on neck, wearing steel collar, black leather choker, choker around neck, amouranth, thick collar, attractive neck, open neck collar blurry background, Extremely high-resolution details, photographic, realism pushed to extreme, fine texture, incredibly lifelike . Extremely high-resolution details, realism pushed to extreme, fine texture, incredibly lifelike, in the background blurry Dressing room Mirror Mirage Chamber,(close portrait:1.3),(Feminine:1.4),(beautiful:1.4),(attractive:1.3),handsome,calendar pose,perfectly detailed eyes,studio lighting,thematic background . Dreamlike, mysterious, provocative, symbolic, intricate, detailed
Negative prompt
anime, photorealistic, realistic, deformed, glitch, noisy, low contrast, bad quality, low quality, cheap render, pixels, jpeg artifacts, low details, low resolution, bad face, pixeled face, pendant, (((deformed)))+++, blurry, bad anatomy fingers, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, (extra_limb), (ugly), (poorly drawn hands), fused fingers, messy drawing, broken legs censor, censored, censor_bar, multiple breasts, (mutated hands and fingers:1.5), (long body :1.3), (poorly drawn :1.2), black-white, bad anatomy, liquid body, liquidtongue, malformed, anatomical nonsense, text font ui, error, malformed hands, long neck, blurred, lowers, low res, bad anatomy, bad proportions, photo, deformed, low contrast, mutant, butchered, gore, sloppy, artifacts, mutilated, poorly drawn, poorly detailed, smudged, sketch, pencil, glossy skin, doll, plastic, poorly drawn, over exposed, (oversaturated:2), (saturated:1.6), big contrast, contrast white burn, big contrast, white spotsover exposed, over saturated, burned image, hideous, poorly drawn, poorly detailed, glossy skin, poorly drawn, over exposed, over saturated, burnt image, broken, fuzzy, aliasing, cheap, oldschool, poor quality, pixelated, sleepy, closed-eyes, poorly drawn, crippled, crooked, weird, odd, distorted, erased, cut, text, logo, watermark, deformed eyes, close up, ((bad art)), ((extra limbs)), (((duplicate))), ((morbid)), out of frame, extra fingers, mutated hands, poorly drawn eyes, ((poorly drawn hands)), ((poorly drawn face)), ((bad anatomy)), (((bad proportions))),watermark,signature,robot eyes,distorted pupils,distorted eyes,Unnatural anatomy,strange anatomy,things on face
DPM++ 2M SDE Exponential
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