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((masterpiece, best quality)), (((masterpiece, best_quality, highest quality))), (perfect detail, perfect skin:1.2),(highr...
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((masterpiece, best quality)), (((masterpiece, best_quality, highest quality))), (perfect detail, perfect skin:1.2),(highres), original,extremely detailed 8K wallpaper,(an extremely delicate and beautiful),incredibly_absurdres, intricate detail, distinct_image,extremely intricate,(detailed skin:1.3) , best quality:1.2, High definition, intricate details, finely detailed, beautiful detailed, high detailed skin, ((glossy skin)), shiny skin, (white skin:1.3), (pale skin:1.3),(natural light, ray tracing, volumetric light), (top quality), (golden-ratio face, perfect proportioned face, perfectly beautiful:1.3), (reflected diffuse light to face:1.3), (peer proportional face), (peer proportional body, proportional awesome body:1.3), parted lips, ((presenting)), (perfect anatomy, correct limb, correct finger), ((looking at viewer, eye contact)),((eye contact)), 1girl, outdoors, solo, flower, blue eyes, long hair, looking at viewer, long dress,hat, ocean, dress, sitting, white flower, sky, bug, hat flower, day, bangs, butterfly, water, long sleeves, blue sky, rock, cloud, orange dress, blonde hair, horizon, orange headwear, hair ornament, closed mouth, smile, hair flower, short sleeves, looking to the side, bird, scenery, mountainous horizon, red headwear, white dress
Negative prompt
(nsfw:1.5), EasyNegative, badhandv4, bad-hands-5, (worst quality:1.3), (bad quality:1.3), (strabismus:1.6), (bad anatomy:1.3), (worst quality, low quality, normal quality, lowres, bokeh, blur), (abnormal shape of hand or finger or foot or toe, second navel:2.0), (dutch angle:1.4), worst detail, bad detail,by< bad_prompt:0.8>, by< easynegative:0.8>,long neck, overhead decoration,(signature, watermark, username,letter, copyright name, copyright, artist name, name tag, company name, name tag, text, error:1.5), age spot, fat, a fat woman, acnes, skin spots, lowers, text, error, eye clothes, illuminati clothers, extra hand, extra hands, extra finger, extra fingers, bad finger, bad fingers, body moles, face moles, (out of frame:1.6), (out of focus:1.6), (a shadow on skin:1.3), (backlit:1.8), (a shaded skin:1.3), (a dark skin:1.3), (blush:1.3),((((incomplete body, extra limbs, missing limbs, cropped hand, extra digit, fewer digit, photorealistic, 3D rendering))), (((worst quality, low quality, lowres, normal quality))), (((no shading, flat colors))), (((off-model characters))), (((inconsistent style))), (((clashing color schemes))), (((improper perspective))), (((bad anatomy))), (((no lineart or sketchy lineart))))
DPM++ 3M SDE Karras
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