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How can I improve the hands of my characters?

Hello, could someone give me some tips to improve the hands of my characters? please

3 Answers

Hi, there serveral ways to change hands output,

First one - embeddings like Bad-Hands-3/4/5, you can find it all around in the internet, they are mostyle located on hugginface.
Second one - After Detailer extension with hands detection model, that you can inpaint right after txt2img process in the same tab.
Third one - ControlNet and it's masks, the most complictaed way to do better hands. I prefer not to use this, because it ruins the concept of generating images just from noise for me.

Sometimes you can better results with this, sometimes not. You're free to try something.

I usually use this instead of textual inversions for hands:

On average I think this locon usually gives a little better results than when using textual inversions. But it might depend on what base model and what textual inversions. Good luck.

You can also try hires fix. with large amount of hires steps (about 60-80; you can ran more steps, but resulted image will be a bit blurry). Set denoising for hires about 0,4-0,5. Sometimes it works miracles with fingers. Also hires fix not really well stacks with restore faces feature, but you can adjust codeformer weight to acceptable minimum in settings section.

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