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Uploaded images getting removed

while trying to upload images to a lora i created getting a message they are removed from platform cause violating against ToS. so im pretty sure they dont. is it possible that they are removed because of image generation data? sometimes im using NEGATIVE prompts like loli,child to prevent creating images looking like non-adults. so possible they are removed for this negative prompts ?

2 Answers

They can be removed for any number of reasons, but containing loli, child, etc. in the negative isn't one of them. If those terms, or similar, appear in the positive prompt, then yes, obviously they'll be removed, but more importantly - if the subjects in your images LOOK like they're underage, despite having "adult, 300 year old woman" in the prompt - they'll be removed.

The images you currently have uploaded look fine to me.

would never produce images looking like this on purpose and especially dont upload them. was just a suggestion. but the thing is the pictures i uploaded were the same i just resaved them as jpg without any generation data. (did it because read to tos several times and really cant find anything and wanted to try on my own) so when its not the picture there must bei something in the prompt or am i wrong with this ?

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