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image file sizes?

I noticed the file sizes before the civitai migration were 'normal' at around 1.2Mb per image; now I see the majority of files is < 100kb, which makes it really near impossible to look at, especially on a site that revolves around image making. Will this be restored to the previous state?

2 Answers

I assume they're cutting down on bandwidth costs. Perhaps they can introduce a higher quality image mode for supporters? I wish they used avif more so the ultra low filesize pics looked better. Since the jpegs/jfifs don't appear to retain generation metadata anyway.
Edit: Oops I failed to check to make sure the jpeg I checked was uploaded with metadata in the first place haha. And just saw the moderator comment on this post:

Hey! So the last I heard was that jpeg/crappy images were a temporary measure while we moved to a new image provider. I know there was some processing still happening recently, but we should be moving back to pngs. I shall follow up with the Dev team on this one. Thanks!

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