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My liked models list is less than the number of times I actually hit the like button

I liked so many models, but in Liked models list, only a few models get displayed. The filter setting is "All" already.
Did i miss something in settting or else?
Please help!

1 Answer

I think there are 4 different filters you have to check, it's kind of getting out of hand lol. Tags, time posted/updated, model type, and maturity. Tags meaning the horizontal bar of tags above the model cards, time posted/updated is next to the model type filter in the top right that you mentioned and maturity is right above those two, the little eye icon.

I would guess your time filter is the one you missed since mine was also not set to all time by default.

I think they should make it more clear that pressing the clear filters button does not actually clear ALL the filters and you're only clearing the model type filters. And they should also probably set the time filter to all time by default. And liked models/images should be sorted by "date liked" by default.

I think that's what the site devs were sort of thinking by setting the time default not to all time. So that you would see your more recent likes at the top? Since I think by default they are sorted by highest rated.

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