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how to get link key not API key

trying to use civitai extension but cant fin a way to get link key. I've read on other forums that its not available yet but soon and they were posted months ago. Does anyone know how to get the link key or if there is another way to solve the issue? currently the extension doesn't work. when i open sd it shows civitai logo on the top right. when i click it nothing happens.

2 Answers

Maintainers of the extension appear to be ignoring confused users. The main maintainer explained what the link key is here: but I couldn't find any info about current availability.

Looks like we're stuck still manually moving downloaded files into our model folders.

For downloading model previews and trigger words I would recommend using this extension instead:

Hi, currently, the official Civitai Link is only available to Civitai Supporters as it's being tested/developed.

It will be rolled out to all users in future, but I can't say when.


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