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deerdeer nosedeer glow
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Is there a model/prompt that can replicate this style shown here?

2 Answers

HI, if you have decently sized dataset (large variety of artist images), it would be pretty easy to create LoRA for this style. For style LoRA it's better to have 100+ images at least.

If we'll talk about prompt, i'm sure it would be almost impossbile to replecate this style because it's too complicated, as i think.

I've seen some old yiffy e18 models doing something similar, but it still was a lot simpler.

maybe try this prompt "furry style:1.2, body fur:1.2, wolf face:1, (legs fur, arms fur), furry body:1.1,[:fur:0.8], woter color:0.8, [water color|sketch], sketch:1"

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