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I don't know the conditions under which moderator censorship occurs.

>Flagged for review

>This image won't be visible to other users until it's reviewed by our moderators.

As the title says, the image may not be visible until it's reviewed by our moderators, and the first part is a copy/paste of it, but I don't know what the conditions are.

I understand that nudity of a young woman is bad, but a hot spring scene of a woman in a bathing suit, let alone nudity, is nothing more than the level of photogravure in a weekly magazine that even elementary and junior high school students can read. (This is in Japan.On the other hand, in Japan, a bikini scene of a girl about 10 years old might be acceptable.)

What I am trying to say is that I want a standard that is easy to understand. Naked young girls are obviously not allowed, and girls up to junior high school age are not allowed, and so on.

I would rather apologize if the reason for censorship was a capybara like a raw head. What the heck, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the trouble I put you through.

today's inspection

3 Answers

We have an AI process that adds images to a moderation queue - I guess it detected sexy capybaras!

The mods then apply judgement to make sure all images/content adhere to the Terms of Service.

It is safe because I can't see it! and censored when I put on SFW.

Sorry, I'm aware that I was wrong this time.

Mod: Image removed for Loli

And where on the TOS does sexy capybaras land? It's not supposed to flag regular nudity or sexiness is it?

The flagging is completely arbitrary, and recently it seems images are not really being reviewed and are just left removed after like 20 hours. I suspect you're being flooded with more flags than you can handle and just let the overflow automatically get removed after some time. I have some images that got removed in one gallery but not in another.

I think the point here is not that the flagging AI needs to be improved, but more like the criteria for flagging are so ambiguous and inherently arbitrary that you can't train a good AI for them.

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