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Is there an official statement about why the site removes content featuring photorealistic minors under any context?

I'm not happy about my pictures getting removed and I'm very surprised to find this rule in the TOS.

Due to potential legal pressure I can at least understand removing gray area legality content like loli and sexualized photorealistic images of people who mostly look 18+ but could maybe pass for a minor. But 100% legal images that are not even remotely sexual? Why?

I'm also not happy about my pictures being silently removed. I thought the TOS violation notifications got added, why were they disabled?

Maybe I'm just a rule breaker who shouldn't get a say here but this censorship really sucks when I put effort into making an image that I think came out good and was excited to share with the community.

4 Answers

Guess why civitai be baned few weeks ago? Child pornography is a very serious should not exist on the network.

That's why I avoid making minors.

Then find a community that allows the photorealistic depiction of minors and go nuts.

If that's what you want, this isn't the place for you.

The shortest best answer I was given was, it takes a lot of time for moderators to decide if its on that line of child porn, especially if it is constantly flagged by users, and contested by posters. It takes a lot less time to just say no children period. I agree overall with the decision because its a huge time sink for them and us, and child porn is disgusting.

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