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A few UI issues. Mainly random tags loading & search

Love the site, and it's improved a LOT, but there are some things that currently are not working so well for me. Curious if any of you feel the same.

Weird things it does lately:

  • Come here, expect to see the main page sorted by top or new. Instead, every time it has auto-pre-selected some random category for me. NO, please. I just want it to load up the way I left it - sorted by newest, and models. Aware there are categories but stop doing this "did you know?" thing by auto-loading a different one each time when people go to the main domain.

  • When browsing Images or Posts... we are not able to search? The search box is always "model" and doesn't let me search images/prompts for keywords, subjects, etc, to help me learn how some kinds of images are described. Or even just for inspiration.

  • Tag buttons at the top of the page being in... any old random order?

Tag buttons I don't mind about, but are there any plans to include searching of images/posts by keywords in prompts? EG How do I find all images of, uh, Emma Watson made by different models? (EXAMPLE ONLY, lol).



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