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quality issues with some models or loras

I've had a reocuring issue with some modles and many loras that are unable to produce clean images similar to the example images. I know many loras are trained on specific models and will only produce good results with them specifically and using differnt models will result in differnt styles and quality levels. I have tried this with some loras that (at least according to the metadata) do not use any extra loras/hypernetworks/etc. they has very basic simple prompts and negatives. I even used the exact same model (model hash # matched mine), used the png info and coppied to text and was able to produce the exact same image except it was of lower quality. the outlines would come out thicker and a bit poorly drawn, saturation would be too high and details would just be blurry. I have ran into this with many loras and a couple models. many of the loras I use end up having very similar looking detail issues. I've swapped my VAEs and even turned them off and to auto in case the models had their own baked in but all I did was change the saturation of the color, it still had blurry art lines and blurry overall look to them. no matter how much I prompt for better quality or bad negatives the weird blurry style still remains. I haven't gotten into the crazy deep parts of SD so there's probably some things I'm unaware of. I've messed with the sliders trying to get some kind of better result. Sometimes the highres fix will fix it up some but sometimes I end up with the same issue in the high res fix results so I just get a bigger blurry picture. If anyone has any insight or need more information I'd love to hear it and do what I can to help find a solution. I don't know if this is worth mentioning but I did notice when I moved from my old computer (gtx970) to my new computer (rtx 3060) 512x512 images were having that issue. I could create very clear detailed images on my old comp but when I redownloaded the AI stuff and model to my new comp and made the same images, they had that slight blurryness to them and the higher saturation. No loras or anything special used just basic positives and negatives. same exact image but just lower quality.

3 Answers

Can you show some examples?

You may drag the sample images into your PNG info tab in "extras", they possibly used hires fix or something not mentioned in the civitai metadata info.

this is one case, first image is original, second is my copy, same exact promp, negs, model, everything. turned off vae (tried with all of the ones I have and none but still had this blown out look) this is one of the lesser things that happen

these are some more extreme results I get. first one usually gives an over drawn attempt at details and causes a grungy look, second and third have poor detail and drawing that makes them look bad. last one does similar to the top image where the lines are drawn thicker and details like eyes are noticably blurry along with the overall look. It would take me forever to try and find all the examples but this is generally what my results end up looking like even when changing multiple models. Some loras work just fine and have great results even when bouncing around different models, but I also run into a lot that skew the quality like this even when their example images are very clean looking.

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