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how to upload images to my profile

how to upload images to my profile

3 Answers

as far as I know, images need to be uploaded to a specific resource. ie: uploaded to the page of the model or lora or whatever you used to create the image. once they're uploaded there, they'll show up in the "posts" or "images" tab on your page as well

You can definitely post to your page. You choose your category under the images tab and click make post!

Hi! So, just so we're on the same page, Civitai isn't really a gallery/image showcase site, however, you can create an image post with your images by going to Images > Make Post, on your profile.

If you've made a cool pic it has to be associated with a specific content item you used in the creation of the image it's good to associate it with a resource to show other people how you made it, but it doesn't technically have to be. You can also upload images to reviews, or, if you've created content - a model or a LoRA or similar - you can upload example images to that.

Hope that answers your question!

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