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How do i add object downloads into invoke ai? thanks

1 Answer

  1. Identify the object you want to download: Determine the specific object or file you want to make available for download through Invoke AI. This could be an image, a document, a dataset, or any other type of file.

  2. Prepare the object for download: Ensure that the object is properly prepared and accessible for downloading. It should be stored in a location that can be accessed by the Invoke AI platform.

  3. Create an API endpoint: Set up an API endpoint in your Invoke AI application to handle the download request. This endpoint will be responsible for receiving the request from the client and delivering the object as a downloadable file.

  4. Define the download logic: Implement the logic in the API endpoint to handle the download request. This typically involves reading the file from its storage location and returning it as a response to the client.

  5. Generate a download link: Once the object is ready to be downloaded, generate a download link that can be provided to the user. This link should point to the API endpoint you created in step 3.

  6. Integrate the download link into the application: Incorporate the download link into the user interface of your Invoke AI application. This could be done by displaying a button or a hyperlink that triggers the download when clicked.

  7. Test and deploy: Test the download functionality to ensure that it works as expected. Once you are satisfied with the results, deploy your Invoke AI application so that users can access and download the objects.

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