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any recommendations on how to go about cloud based Lora training?

I currently only have a nvidia1650 with 4gb vram, so kohya_ss wont run on my computer, it throws an error that its run outta vram.

that said.
does anyone know of any effective cloud solutions to this?
if so what cloud services would you recommend for this, paid or free?

does anyone know of any jupiter notebooks or other interactive python scripts that can be run on a cloud somewhere?

4 Answers

Collab is the best cloud option for a casual user. The paid tier comes with enough credits to train many models, or a few large ones.

Imgur was down, so here is a mirror of that guide:

About Colab. Considering that they recently changed their ToS and banned Stable diffusion Webui for free users, I wouldn't be surprised that they will soon ban trainer colabs for free users.


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