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So is it okay to steal someone's work here without any permission ?

7 Answers

Is it ok? Depends on if you think AI art (based on real artists real work) is stealing. I don't think you can have it both ways. So I think it's OK.

It's a shitty thing to do, however, and I hope his cpu catches fire (just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should) and

did he merge your model with his or he just uploaded the same model? if it's a merge I won't say it is stolen.

Seeing as you posted your model as "no sharing merges" that means someone posting a merge would be a violation of the license and therefore against the TOS of the site and illegal. So I'd imagine a moderator will have to take it down eventually. Assuming it's possible to confirm it has been merged. I don't know enough about merging checkpoints and loras to know how to do that.

Pretty shitty of them to not cite you if they're using your work.

As has been stated previously - "The terms noted on each model are requests, not licenses"

The civitai terms state:

If you set your Content as public, you grant each User a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, display, publish, reproduce, distribute, and make derivative works of your Content through our Services and functionalities

If you don't want to distribute your work on Civitai, that's fine. But the TOS is very clear that your public models can be used openly.

Why do you define it as an Act of Theft? Even if he did use your lora and integrate it into the model, you should feel happy because it means that your lora is being recognized. Unless you try to use your own lora for legitimate business practices. I know this may feel disappointing, but it is not fundamentally different from being copied for homework answers at school.

I've legitimate seen a well known user / model maker on this site...

Label the pre-release / test version of their new model merge.... with the use of one of mine.. like list it directly in the filename on huggingface..

and then when asked directly if they used my model they lied, shortly after changed the filenames, and removed any trace of its existence and released their model regardless. -smh-

Granted I don't have any of my models set so you're not allowed to use them. If people wanna use them for merges feel free. - shrugs -

But to lie when outright asked... shows no backbone, & no principles. I personally don't have time for that level of immaturity.

People are cut throat here. beware. I'm sorry to say.. people may or may not steal your work on this site. It's sort of par for the course unfortunately.

Adding a LORA to a model is not the worst thing I've seen by far but I'm sorry you're going through it regardless.

It's dubious if you can even call it your work in the first place. And I'm not speaking as someone clueless of how much work it is to make a dataset, add custom tags, and test models. I've spent over 50 hours multiple times to make loras, but the result is still not "my work". Plus, SD has grown this much because it is free of ownership restrictions.

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