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Can you remove the model "Colored Icons / Logo Generator" The illustrator ask it, but nothing happen.


I don't understand, because the illustrator himself "Ivan Dubovik" wrote a comment on the section in the model named "Colored Icons / Logo Generator" saying it contain his works, and it's true because it's very similar.
I've reach him and he said he already filled the report about « This uses my art »

it's been 2 weeks since the report, can you take it down as the original owner from the illustrations asked?

Thank you !

AS a proofs i can show you, the Ambulance prompted with the model :

source :

And the same illustration, but from the instagram"s Vandubovik :

source :


2 Answers

That's really weird to use a near exact reproduction of training data in the samples.

why would you upload a so similar image as preview lol

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