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Unpublished Violation - what to do in this case?

I got 2 model of celebrities that got "Unpublished Violation" on status, at some weeks now.

What should I do in this case, the website don't specify what is the problem exactly.

How can I know what to change in the model, or images of the model?

Should I delete the model and submit again????

I don't want to submit again without knowing what is the problem.

If any one knows what to do please guide me. Thanks.

3 Answers

I’m in the same boat and would love to know the answer

I'm sure if you posted in the Discord you'd get an answer pretty quickly.

I've had a few models unpublished but they've always come with an explanation, seems counterproductive to unpublish something and not tell someone why. When you go to your profile page and then go to your models, you're unpublished model should be under Draft. Opening up the model page should show you the reason at the top in a big red box.


I looked at your unpublished models and they've been unpublished because they include NSFW pictures of a real-world person.

You also have other content (which is currently published) which violates our Terms of Service in this way - visible nipples, nsfw clothing, etc, and will be unpublished. If you create safe-for-work images of your real-world subjects, we will re-publish your content.


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