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As a OP, I need a centre to provide suggestion to Civitai's team

  • I want to see my total score timely.

  • I want to create a poll to allow my followers to tell me the priority of existed models and future models.

  • I want to donate function to me ( > ..< )

2 Answers

I want to see my total score timely

Do you mean more frequent leaderboard updates? The # downloads updates very frequently.

I want to donate function to me ( > ..< )

You have option for create a patreon, or you could put any other image like QR code in your profile if you wanted to.

  1. This is a content board, not a competition. If you literally can't wait a few hours for your ranking to move from 10 to 9, maybe this isn't the place for you

  2. You can do that on your own "buy me a coffee" or "ko-fi" page

  3. Same as 2 - plus I don't want the developers here ALSO having to deal with payments, they have enough to take care of (like more frequent leaderboard updates -_-)

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