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How do i connect a picture with different Loras

Hi. I'm new here. I uploaded a picture which uses Revanimated Checkpoint, but also Loras. How can i add/link those Loras to the picture? I have seen multiple Loras listed by other users for their images. How are they doing it?

Thank you very much for your help. have a nice day.

3 Answers

By uploading the picture, the generation data is already attached to it. So other users will be able to see the titles of LoRAs that you used to generate that image.

Assuming you're using the Automatic WebUI, you can check the setting is enabled in "Settings -> Saving Images/Grids -> Save text information about generation parameters as chunks to png files". Make sure that is enabled.

can you drop a screenshot to show exactly what you're talking about? Uploading pictures is different than uploading models or LoRAs.

Thank you very much jiwenji for your answer. Sadly it doesn't help.

I know that the generation parameter is safed in the file. But when i upload the picture here, it doesn't show all other people, which loras i used. I know its in the promp, but i want them listed on the right side. I have seen that by other users. People have to look for the loras manuelly themself. I want to make it easier for them with connecting the picture with the loras i used.

Here i have revAnimated and Fakelips.

And here i have revAnimated and eye Lora. But they are two uploads. I made the uploads directly in the Lora as "add Post". So i would need different uploads to show all loras i used instead of connecting all Loras to one picture.

I hope that makes sense. Check my profil. I have 4 pictures there. 3 are connected to Loras.

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