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All models and loras being selled all over place

How do you response to all over place apps, website, that using models and loras from CivitAI ? I guess the license is bs and it's been wrong from starts to justify while using stolen Stable Diffusion and NovelAI models.

3 Answers

You cant stop it right now, it is such a legal grey area. You can try to take action and send legal take down requests, good luck with that.

You can inform others that they can goto civitai and get 99% of the lora/model/etc for free. Plus who knows if they are getting viruses, not that any site is immue to that. I just trust that civitai community to help keep us all informed as best we can.

Making models for a price is a race to the bottom. I don't care if someone tries to resell my work, because it's a hobby for me that I'm not trying to turn into a business. I'm happy to be creating something that makes me happy, and makes someone else happy too. I can't help the fact that market inefficiencies exist and ignorant consumers are unaware they can get the product for free.

You can't really complain about someone taking something you basically took from other artists yourself in the first place.

I was doing a google search for images of a person and found some created with my model and my textual inversion on someone's deviant art page. I thought it was kind of cool that someone thought enough of my work to try and pass is of as their own. Anyone trying to make money off of stuff they can download here for free is a stupid idiot. Finally, the commissions I'm paid to create for people are never upload to the internets unless specifically requested by the owner, so those shan't be monetized anyway.

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