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Copy Generation Data - Where do I paste it?

Is the copy generation data just a way to copy and paste it all into a notepad? or is there some sort of plugin for Auto1111 or some other facsimile that uses it?

2 Answers


So once you've copied the generation data into your clipboard, paste it into the prompt box on Auto1111, then click the little blue arrow button to the right. This will load the parameters into the correct boxes, so you can generate the image!

One thing to note though, due to the complex nature of Auto1111, copying and pasting the generation data won't always re-generate the image 1:1. There are many settings which are not stored in the png header chunk, including things like Sigma Churn, Sigma Noise, ETA (noise multiplier for ancestral samplers), whether the person generating the image was using old Karras scheduler sigmas, and so on, so don't tear your hair out if you can't figure out why you can't generate the same image as one you've seen in a Civitai preview!

Hope this helps!

This seems incorrect. Instead it loads the last used prompt.

It works very unintuitive

tbh Civitai should just inject it as json into the jpg's when t hey do the png->jpg conversion.

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