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why are some of my images removed?

Honestly I understand the requirements for not demonstrating real persons in explicit situations and similar, but when I use a model for the look or style of look of someone or a character and it is used in illustration, or something that is in no way related to that party why are these being removed, why don't I get notices or opportunity to contest this? If nothing else this would at least better educate me on what I am doing wrong?

2 Answers

If your images have tokens for celebrities, and those images fall outside of what is acceptable in the ToS, even if those images do not look like the celebrity in question they will still probably be removed. You can't expect the reviewer to know what every celebrity looks like. I would suggest not uploading NSFW content that has tokens for celebrities which would violate the TOS.

Hi, a lot of the images you currently have uploaded are borderline ToS breaking - and I will have to remove some of them. Any image featuring a celebrity or other real-world person must be entirely safe-for-work. Safe to show your boss. Safe to show your HR department. Massive cleavage with breasts pouring out isn't acceptable.

You will get a red notification at the top of the actioned page - if you replace the images, you can appeal the removal and your model will be re-posted.

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