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Uploaded image wrongly removed for ToS violation

I uploaded an image several days ago that was just taken down for a ToS violation, but there's nothing in the ToS that says my image wasn't allowed. There's tons of other images just like mine on Civitai and I've posted other images similar to it before, so I don't understand why this one, specifically, got taken down.

This is the image that was removed:

Which I had originally posted on the following LoRA page:

which also has other images very similar to my own.

The only thing I can conclude is that either my image was removed in error, or that Civitai is not being consistent in applying the ToS.

Appreciate the assistance.

3 Answers

Have you ever been fishing? Did you catch all the fish?

Do police pull over and ticket every speeder?

Admins can't do everything all at once. If it violated the TOS, it has to go.

Just because you were driving 5 miles an hour slower than the guy doing 105, you're still breaking the law.

Images can be removed in two ways:

1. The autotagger flags them, and during review it is removed
2. Someone reports the images, and during review it is removed

All users are encouraged to report images that violate the ToS.

I've just had two of my posts removed containing a total of 14 images and I have no idea why either. One had been around for going on two months and the other for a few weeks. They were two of my most popular as well with over 100 and 150 reactions. they weren't based on celebrities or particularly young looking.

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