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SD 2.0/2.1 model won't load, Config .yaml files?

"I am getting problems with the Config .yaml not loading a 2.0 Model, what can I do?"

this is a common question.

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1 Answer

This should give some help!

At the time of answering, You must make sure the filename of the .yaml a model creator gave you to download matches the filename of the model you downloaded :) Sometimes CivitAI can shorten a model name or add a version number to the end. The config file (.yaml) should match, but all you have to do be sure it matches the model you have downloaded.

As the image above shows, There is a different config .yaml file for each of these versions

  1. SD V2.0/2.1-512

  2. SD V2.0/2.1-768

  3. SD V2.0-512-depth

  4. SD V2.0-512-inpainting

  5. SD V1.5-512

  6. SD V1.5-512-inpainting

In some Web UI like automatic1111, you do not need to load the 1.5 config .yaml, because it is already loaded as the default.

Usually a model creator will publish the base model type (what it was trained from) in the model version category.
You can take any of the matching config.yaml and duplicate and rename that file to match the model you downloaded.

example: if you downloaded djzGrimKnightsV21, this is listed as a V2.1-768 model.
That means you can take any SD V2.1-768 config .yaml file and duplicate that.

If the actual model you downloaded has a filename of "djzGrimKnightsV21_0.safetensors"
Then you must rename your config file to "djzGrimKnightsV21_0.yaml"

In this way you don't need to download a config as it is already on your system, or available from

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