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How could I demonstrate my generation data when I make an image via a series of img2img and inpaint steps


Hello, as I am a new beginner in stable diffusion I have a basic question about how I could share my images. As most, I go through several img2img and in paint steps while generating a detailed and well formed image, often mixing different models in the process. In that case, how could I share my final product here, or should I (I presume it is also possible that the website is for straightforward prompts which generate the demonstrated images at a single text2img step for convenience). I am looking forward to your response.

1 Answer

If you're only looking to share images you've generated, there's less of an expectation that you show your workflow. If you just want to share images, you can use the "Post images" option. The examples on an uploaded model, however, should all have generation metadata.

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