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Can the Admins PLEASE handle the takedown of models for TOS reasons better?

I have no problem whatsoever removing questionable pictures from models that violate the TOS.

However, just publishing them and leaving us to try to figure out why just makes more work for everybody:

  • I have to guess what images the Admin thinks violate the TOS and delete them

  • I republish the model

  • The Admin has to review my model again

  • If I guessed wrong, the model gets unpublished again and we start this process all over again

If you could indicate in some obvious way what needs to go, everyone can make them go...and we're done! Everyone is happy

..until the lawyers call again, but whatever.

2 Answers

Hey There,
I believe we had the pleasure of getting on a call yesterday to go over our reasons for this heightened scrutiny as well as what's required to be compliant going forward. For everyone that wasn't on that call, I'll outline it again here:

A. We were made aware that as a US company in order to host images of celebs or real people they need to be very clean. Meaning SFW to the extreme.
B. This means the rule of thumb is if you wouldn't wear it to the office, it can't be put on an individual displayed on the site. And by "office" I don't mean Hollywood renditions of offices like Wolf of Wall Street or Mad Men. I mean like an actual office. If it helps think of it in terms of school dress codes; No Skirts above a certain length, no excess skin, etc:

Okay now on to your question:
Usually, we would just remove the offending images and publish the resource, but in this case, due to the volume of models this affects it's just not feasible from a time perspective. So we're kicking it back.

We'll do better about pointing out the exact images that need to be removed/altered and why going forward. We appreciate you bearing with us as we're figuring this out at the same time as you.

I think its fair for real people to only be depicted in a respectable way.
However I think content creators should get a strike, and get their model frozen and the opportunity to have the samples fixed instead of outright delete them. The creators here have spent thousands of hours making these things and their work is gone in an instant.
Old links are broken, valuable art and contributions to the community lost.
Civitai is a great resource, and needs to safeguard itself but it also needs to be respectful of the content creators who make this site work.

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