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How can people use LyCORIS as a lora in their prompts?

Quite often on LyCORIS models pages, the example images use <lora:xxx> in the prompts instead of <lyco:xxx>. I've tried putting the files in my lora folder but I get vector size errors. I've also tried putting the files in my LyCORIS folder and use <lora:xxx>, but I get "lora not found" errors. The only way I can use these files are by putting them in my LyCORIS folder and using <lyco:xxx>, but it does not give me the same results as the example images.

What am I missing?

I have already installed the following extensions:

  • a1111-sd-webui-lycoris

  • sd-webui-additional-networks

1 Answer

install this too

throw everything in the lora folder and it should work.

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