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Checkpoint upload bug

i just uploaded a Checkpoint by i did a mistake so I unpublished it for a moment but know I can't upload it anymore.

It says: "Something went wrong while publishing your model. Please try again later".

It says too that the images I uploaded for the model don't have ressources associated (while I do have civitai extension installed (and it's not the first checkpoint I upload)).

I tried to reupload the model, but it doesn't work. ("Your are not authoriezed to upload this model").

Please, save me !

PS: You can see the images i created for my model on my profile. The ressource associated to these image is my model though... I don't understand.

PS2: Sorry I my english is bad, it's not my mother tongue.

1 Answer

Problem solved, I used a trick to be able to reupload my model

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