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Possibility to add more than one Lora to the image reference?

I uploaded an image and the website automatically identified the model used as well as one of the 2 Lora models.
I cannot find a place to also reference the second Lora model.
Anyone knows?

3 Answers

Perhaps you are using the SAME NAME for the 2 LORA models ?

Always give EACH individual created models a New Name,

or at the end of the NAME write v.1 or v.2 (version 1, or version 2)

Example = mynamemodel_v.1 / mynamemodel_v.2

Hope this helps

Thanks. The problem is not that.

For an image generation, I used two LORAs in my prompt. When uploaded on this website, the system only detected one of them. I would prefer to credit both LORAs.

for me it also not detect second LoRA

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