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TOS Violation

Hey, Im trying to post some images, same prompt different models but Im getting TOS violation on some of them, but when I click to see why, there's nothing. That's a bug or what? Didn't use any Loras besides Add More Details and the images are rather SFW.

3 Answers


Every image uploaded is scanned by an AI system which flags certain features. It's not infallible, and there are false-positives occasionally. If your images have a warning triangle at the top right it means they have entered the moderation queue and will be reviewed by a human moderator before they're posted (if approved!).


Well the problem is, its rejected instantly I'm not even getting to the point where the image is flagged for moderation review. Im getting the TOS pop-up when I create the post and add image's to it. :(

Check all of the words used in your prompt. I was trying to upload an image earlier and it kept getting the TOS pop-up, and it turns out that it's because I used the word "babydoll" (to indicate the type of lingerie). Once I got rid of that, the image was able to be uploaded.

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