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TOS Violation reasons?

I had a few images removed from a post due to a "Terms of Service" violation, but it doesn't tell me which images violated a policy, or why. I'd like to know so that I can avoid doing so in the future, but right now I can only guess.

2 Answers

Hi there!

We have two documents which are relevant here. First, the general Terms of Service, which includes information on the types of content which aren't acceptable on the site:, and second, an addendum to the rules relating to celebrities and other real-world people:

I've looked at your account and I recognize the content. There were some images which didn't comply with the real-people rules, if I recall correctly.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Check if you have word teen in your prompt I had [teen magazine cover] and was geting TOS Violation too.

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