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Is it people flagging images for review or AI flagging images the second they are uploaded?

Images get flagged the moment they are posted. And its just a head shot. If it's the AI it should get fixed, if its people, they should ban them because they are flagging things needlessly. What I don't like about it is images get flagged and people can't see them, and its the demo image for the model. Eventually things resolve themselves, but by then people have already moved on.

2 Answers

Some images are flagged by AI and later manually reviewed. You can delay the publication by a few days or put an image that didn't get flagged in the first position.

Furthermore, some prompts are redflagged and can't be used at all in images.

The automatic flagging isn't perfect but better than nothing. From a short look at your models it looks like you are using enough images so losing 2 or 3 temporarily doesn't matter.


Everything that is automatically flagged by the AI image review system is put into a queue for a human moderator to verify. If it passes verification (which can take about a day, depending on volume - we're getting faster!), then it'll become available for all users. If the image violates the ToS, it will just be removed.

As Sticky said, some prompts contain tokens which aren't acceptable and are automatically refused.

Any questions, let me know!

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