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ToS Question

Yesterday I was creating a few images of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas and I generated a higher res one and posted it as a review for another lora and it got automatically flagged for a ToS violation. I had never run into that before so instead of going and reading it I figured maybe the image was to big and submitted a lower res image and it worked. So today I tried to review another lora, using the Sally Lora and it was flagged as a ToS violation again. I looked at the ToS and I'm guessing it was because I have the prompt for 'stiches' and that counts as gore. (Sally is a ragdoll in the movie so the stiches are part of that). Either that or the fact that I have loli in the negatives which is just as a bit of a safety net. I'm not trying to argue that my image was fine, but it would be nice if the specific prompt that is a 'no-no' was listed when the ToS popup comes up. Also this isn't me telling on myself don't flag my other Sally image! I like it!

2 Answers

I've had something similar happen. Two images with the exact same prompt, one was fine, the other was completely rejected due to "ToS". I've had several false positives that required mod review, but never saw an instant rejection like that before. I checked out the prompt you used in the image you shared and noticed you had "dead flowers" in it, which is interesting because my rejected image had "dead universe" in the prompt. It could be that one word putting the automated system into high alert looking for pixels that might represent a corpse or something... idk.

Ah yeah, I forgot about the 'dead' prompt. That's probably it. Or at least doesn't help.

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