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Can Lora Models be Sold?

Hi, as the title suggests, I'd like to know if I can sell the Lora models I create and upload them to Civitai? Let me know, thanks

3 Answers

So you plan to upload them for free, but also sell them? I don't fully understand the question. There are several creators that upload free content, but also add links to their patreon where people can get content that is exclusive to their patreon members. This site isn't a marketplace though.

If you're wondering if civitai claims ownership of the content you upload, I don't believe so.

Like any code you make, you keep the rights of use even if you put it anywhere for free. The only way to lose a license is with a contract signed by you, otherwise you always have the right to sue if you see any company stealing your work.

it wouldn't be right to sell something that you made free for public use. you can try getting commissioned by someone and sell private model to them

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