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Due to your filter settings, we could not display any images from this post

Yesterday I could post pics but now I get this message. I don't see a setting I can change, I don't understand why my pictures can't be posted?

2 Answers

Hi, it's pretty nornal day on CivitAI, nothing new.

I'm pretty sure this service would never be better. The same issues everyday. Everytime i'm uploading my files. Just wait until problem would be fixed.

"Service degradation", pretty clear termin, isn't it?

I also experienced the same issue these days. After some digging I found that all images should go through some certain checks before they come visible. When there's something wrong with their server, they just pause this "image check" service and all new posts cannot become public.

You can see whether your image has passed this check by going to the post edit page. If is has passed, there will be some tags under each image. If it hasn't, there will be a progress bar.

Therefore it is not some "filter settings", it's just server down.

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