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Can Civitai add a review mechanism to combat those who maliciously give low scores?

My models were maliciously scored low three times in one month, I'm sure no one will be willing to post models on Civitai soon If someone is able to easily give a model maker a low score even without giving any reason. After all, Civitai is not the only good Ai model sharing site. And, there is no reward for model makers to share their models on Civitai, so if model makers can't even defend their only remaining legitimate rights, I believe this fragile ecosystem will easily collapse.

3 Answers

Hey, I was wondering which of your models were scored low. It looks to me like this problem might have already been solved. In any case you can always expect people to either troll or struggle with simple models, giving them bad reviews. This should be a selfcorrecting problem if only we had enough people creating (honest) reviews.

Agree with you.

I can accept a low score for a reason, even they said I dislike, I hate, or something left a reason.

Do not be a ghost robot, left a no reason, no comment, and a maliciously low score to a cup or flower lora.

and that account really LOVE to give LIKE and High score to pussy, penis and breasts.

I agree very much. I found that some users only sent a picture after registration, just to give my model a low score. There is no reason and no comment. This behavior is disgusting

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