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How long will civitai keep Russian war propaganda?

Stas I kak prosto one of the main russian war propogondists.

Youtube blocked of all his channels in december 2022 for war propaganda.

Sorry, I can't find any official new about it in english, I will give a link to the russian-language site.

This piece of sh*t (Stas I kak prosto) rejoiced in the deaths of people and continues to justify the war.

Civitai moderators deleted all my arts with him, but ignore offensive messages on the page of the Lora.

"Стэнс красава, а какелы идут науй!" - Stans is beautiful and kakeli go fuck!

kakeli - russian aggressive insult to ukrainians.

And the author of the Lora support this.

"Туда их!" - Get them there!

And another one aggressive insult in reviews to the Lora.

4 Answers

Having a model of a subject is not an endorsement of that subject. In the spirit of diversity, inclusivity and equity, it's important that creators and subjects from all backgrounds are free from discrimination and are allowed to express their true selves as long as the rules are respected. If it is upsetting to you, it may be best to add this creator and any relevant tags to your "hidden" list. You can do this by clicking the icon with threet dots in the upper right corner of a model page.

Well... There are loras of Hitler. Which imo is fine, as long as the uploader isn't actually trying to spread his ideas.

There are many use cases for such a Lora, like making fun of him and other types of parodies.

Same goes for any other public figure with unacceptable opinions and agendas. Any attempts to spread hateful or otherwise unacceptable propaganda with the upload should of course never be accepted.

You can report this resource and all comments individually for moderator review as ToS violation. They are basically "content that promotes hate speech based on nationality, ethnicity, or race" which is ToS violation.

report the model. fastest way to get to the mods

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