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Looking for a missing Lora - "adjustable breasts"

So, I had a drive failure. And as part of that I lost all my downloaded LORAS.

The one I'm looking for, but can't seem to find was called (I believe) adjustable breasts - you could basically go from -2 to +2 on the strength to adjust bosoms. It really helped at the negative levels to get a picture away from the whole "strippers with bad implants" realm so many women end up in - dressed or not.

I don't know if it got deleted, or if I am just misremembering the name of it.

Anyone know what I am talking about and where it might be found?

3 Answers

Not sure if this is it, but there is one here which I use and works pretty well imo. (There are sample plots)

Nope. I appreciate the effort, but that one is still on here.

It was just a Lora where you'd do <lora:adjustablebreasts:-1> and the variations were quick and easy. Man, this one is annoying. It was so simple and worked so well.

Maybe this one or this can help you?

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