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Post has been deleted without any notice

One post I posted a few hours ago was deleted without any notice. There were two posts that were deleted a few days ago, but I could roughly guess why they were deleted. However, I couldn't guess why the post deleted this time, and I don't know why it was deleted because there was no notice. Therefore, it is not possible to attach a link to that post. Other notifications are delivered well, so it's not a matter of turning off the alarm. Could you tell me specifically why this post was deleted? For example, if a TOS violation is a problem, please let me know what part of TOS I have violated specifically. Because I need to know why it was deleted so that I won't make the same mistake next time.

1 Answer

YMMV, but here are a few reasons I have seen posts or entire models being deleted:

  1. Depicts a real person in a 'sexy' manner. This includes the slightest hint of cleavage or showing the navel. There is a 'civitai_nsfw' negative embedding that can help controlling (to an extent) what's shown in the image.

  2. Anything that the AI flags as underage. This can be a bit of a hit or miss, particularly for Asian faces.

  3. Gross violence or hints of non-consent

  4. If you make a picture based off a model that is tagged as a 'real' person, then the picture gets flagged as well.

Hope that helps.

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