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What does mean "Share merges using this model"?

I do this question because i have some insecurities about that.

The indication "Share merges using this model" appears in every LoRA or model under the "About" section.

1 Answer

If means, that you can (or can't, depends on indication) share merges, made with this model.

There is several ways to "make" models.

First one - making models from scratch. With your own dataset. Even w/o starting model like SD 1.5 or NAI.

Second one - finetuning. This mean you're training already existing model with your own images (dataset).

Third one - merges. You can simply merge two or more models into one. Result may be not that good as you want, but it's the easiest way to make models for most people. For me as well. Because my card itn't powered enough to carry training, and i'm not smart enough to fineture models, sadly.

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