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Navigating galleries is annoying

Using my little iphone screen, i zoom in a bit if needed but the press-down map on the forward and backward arrows are too small. Even on ipad i keep opening the full image and when it’s open all the way reloads going either direction are a lot slower. So I close the full image, hit next and damn full image opens again!

Please make press down maps larger. TY

1 Answer

I think the icon size is fine (how big are your mitts?) but if you're really motivated, you can do this yourself.

First get the gear browser, which allows you to inject custom scripts (supports greasemonkey)

Then set this script:

setInterval(() => {
  const leftIcon = document.querySelector('.tabler-icon.tabler-icon-chevron-left');'100px';'100px';
  const rightIcon = document.querySelector('.tabler-icon.tabler-icon-chevron-right');'100px';'100px';
}, 500)

This will double the size of the icons, increase PX to increase it further.

with script:

Without script:

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