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Yet Another TOS question.


Hi, Could anybody help me clarify the civitai rules, please?

I've made some images with Lora Shinka Nibutani - Chu-2 Byo!

On one of them she was sleeping as on this image (wanted to make a reference to anime), but because of the prompt: plaid skirt rolled up revealing her thighs, the edge of the panties was slightly visible. This image was flagged as TOS, and has been removed due to a Terms of Service violation.

Before that, I was based on what I saw on the platform. Now I've read TOS but I still have some questions.

For example Kizuki - Haganai - Kashiwazaki Sena.
There are nsfw arts with her in school uniform at school.
According to the description in Wikipedia, she is 17 years old.

More controversial example Kizuki - Haganai - Takayama Maria. (age 10!)
For example on this art she is much more exposed (which I do not consider acceptable) than it was on mine with Nibutani which was deleted by mods.
13 Sentinels Aegis Rim 十三机兵防卫圈kisaragi_tomi如月兔美
And there are many others examples on civitai.

All this puzzles me.

Could anybody explain me the difference?

And for example, if I make an image with Nibutani in a swimsuit like on this art, will it be a violation of the rules?
School swimsuit?
In casual dress more exposed?
If i add to the prompt age 18-25 or something similar and make nude art will it be TOS violation?

Sorry for so much questions. I just want to clarify it for myself and don't do something wrong.

2 Answers

Images are flagged automatically. Images that are not automatically flagged can be reported. If you see other images that you feel also violate the TOS, you can report them by clicking in the corner and selecting report image -> TOS violation or Needs moderator review. These go to the same moderation pipeline.

If your images are continuing to be automatically flagged at a high rate, modify what you post to avoid getting more images flagged in the future.

Only thing i can say about that - rules are not working here. There is a rules, that tells you about prohibited loli content, but there is hundreds of LoRAs for lolis, of course. There is rule about disturbing concent like "scat", but moderators can't do anything with one single "scat" image on reviews to my mix for several months. There is rules about rape and domestic abuse, but there is a ton of images of rape, and other abusive activities.

CIvitAI TOS says:

Content Removal Criteria (as i undestand, it works towards any pictures or files (models/LoRAs) posts):

And after reporting these resources and waiting for a long time, you're getting notification about your image posted 4 months ago violating CivitAI TOS, even if there were not any TOS-violating images at all.

Maybe i can't understand some rules, or maybe i'm just behind the times, but what the heck is this?

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