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training a specific character

i'm trying to train a loro of a specific caracter, but the result it's not like the caracter, i have tryed with 11 images and 30 repeats. The caracter has an extreme voluptuous body and a different body color then the usual, but after the training the color is not the same as the images of the reference and the body it's not realy his iconic body. what should i do? cause i removed the tags that describes the caracter physicly and tryied to add the name at the start of the tags but nothing changed, what should i do?

2 Answers

Sounds like you may be using Kohya. If you're using the same repo (bmaltais), then it may be good to do an update git pull. For me, at least, the text encoder script wasn't working till I did an update (though now BLIP captioning is broken....) . Plenty of frustration last week. :)

Other suggestions:

  1. Use regularization images

  2. Use a VAE

  3. Use the base SD1.5 model, instead of AOM or others

  4. Try more reps. My usual rule of thumb for LoRAs is 1500 steps, or 75 reps, whichever is lower.

Hope this helps. My tutorial on LoRA training is here: in case useful.
try this tutorial if you are starting new

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