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Regarding Tos and Removals

As a lora NSFW focused trainer, my issue is either the mods or your ai scanner for flagging needs some tunning

the reason for this is that my simple nsfw examples/showcases (standing/sitting) are either

  1. stealthed deleted (when I check later)

  2. requires a mod to approve a simple standing nude/lewd shot

  3. use a nsfw style for my nsfw model and still get flagged

  4. notices/disregard all kinds of nsfw loras with more spiciness yet mines get taken down

  5. breaks tos without any reason or explanation

  6. assumes a character is underage

as a result its irritating trying to provide examples of my loras when im wasting time rolling them. i would hate to move shop somewhere else as im just trying to provide loras. regardless thats my only issue with this site. The inconsistency everything else is fine.

i guess ill have to provide only sfw examples for my nsfw loras if this keeps up. And pray for anyone who wants to showcase nsfw

3 Answers

So things like these models are being flagged?

Maybe the second one is 5000 years old, but seems like the system is working as intended. It's AI, it won't be perfect, especially if you're constantly posting on the borderline.

Guy's got 196 character LORAs, complaining about general NSFW getting removed, and you're pointing out the 2 loli baba characters which probably never had NSFW images. Intentionally dismissive and unhelpful response is what I'd rate that.

To address the actual question though, what makes your character LORAs "NSFW". I don't think there's much of a need to mention or showcase NSFW capabilities in the first place for character LORAs, and that would save you the trouble of dealing with shitty arbitrary inconsistent flagging. It's kinda par for the course that you can generate SFW or NSFW with any character lora, even if there's no nude images in the dataset it shouldn't make much difference from what I've seen and made. I guess for showcasing/marketing you might want to still display NSFW results in the previews, which really shouldn't be a problem, but evidently this site has a different opinion.

Fat chance they're actually going to do anything about improving the flagging/reviewing at this point, it's been mentioned many times to no avail. Always being dismissed with "loli bad" and completely ignoring how default "1girl nude" image has 50% chance of getting deleted.

Like what WeWe said, im not referring about the loli loras thats obvious, hell delete them all if you must. I can delete the loli loras and still have the same issue next week. I don't even attempt more then two pictures for them in most cases, Nor do I even plan to showcase NSFW of them because I don't have any and im not dumb. I dont delete them because I know not everyone uses it for that reason, Im just saying it can handle it which is why I train in both NSFW/SFW and even say to mature them if planning to do it

if i didn't have any of the disgaea loras( the 4-5 petite ones) there wouldn't be much arguments against my post. that's because it still would be a problem. also it isnt even the disgaea ones im complaining about. and theres plenty of anime loras of underage characters that i can count with my fingers and toes on the spot that arent adults that have all kinds of NSFW. my stuff don't even come close in terms of those NSFW standards.

All my nsfw pictures are mainly simple stuff. I have little to no pictures with any kind of sexual activity in terms of a partner or object. its just solo - standing or sitting/laying down showcases, im just showing how flexible it is with different styles not how sexy it is. I couldn't less about that. which is why there so simple - Im purposely trying to do the basic level showcases to avoid issues


Im talking about the non-loli loras, (because I have 4x more non-loli loras) it can flag for any reason and give no explanation was the point of the post. because my:

Delta Dawn lora - nearly all SFW - just one with cleavage - and they all get taken down except for one that dont show her original look

Nachiroux lora - 4 pics of her laying down - non-nude nsfw - broke TOS - for what?????

Saryn lora - standing nudes for a Robot/Golem

and numerous others because I have so many loras

and they get taken down. last time I check there not even lolis. but I dont want to cry about each one. look at my loras as a whole or my gallery and see i don't even focus on the lolis in showcases(except for when i upload them). I focus on muscle or cyber/monster/furry women/ video game characters.

Im not saying you guys aint doing a good job im just saying its inconsistent. it dont just block characters that have any kind of petite nature it blocks anything it feels like it. Im not sure if there is a bias when it comes to your mods disapproving images but I have no proof of that.

But as i said i have no other issues with the site I just hate wasting time trying to re-create pictures and throwing them out because of a automatic flag. which defeats the entire point of a showcase. which may even explain why most people dont even attempt to showcase my loras in the gallery. I would be even willing to support if it ment it went towards an improved flagging system. because as of right now it remind me of Youtube's block/flagging system

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