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Question about rules regarding reviewing content and if it is or isn't acceptable to 1 star new content without actually trying it

I only ask because I've seen quite a few 1 star reviews from a few particular users on things that;

1) just released

2) they wouldn't have had the time to even try using yet

3) mostly content that leans toward gay or bara content

I'm not trying to make accusations or anything, but it's odd and somewhat troubling that they 1 star content that JUST came out within like a few minutes (meaning they refresh the page, see it on newest, and 1 star it with no reasoning or text.)

It also seems to be 95% either gay or furry/bara focused content, which makes me think it's probably some dude who thinks having anything that isn't straight young girls on his feed is offensive to him or some shit (I only say young girls because his images he's uploaded depict young anime girls in... suggestive positions.)

I'm not sure what the protocol is for that. Are those reportable reviews? Is it something to just ignore and is unmoderated? At what point does it go from mere coincidence to being seen as harmful or toxic?

I know reviews don't really matter, but I've seen content under the new section with 1/5 stars that was reviewed within 5 minutes of release. It probably is harmful to the uploader and kind of a shitty thing to do as a user.

I know this site already seems to have issues with gay content in general, look at almost any gay image or male focused image, you'll find it was down-thumbed and "laughing emoji" rather than actually being treated fairly or equally to it's straight/women focused counter parts.

Like it's not a massive deal, but it's definitely noticeable. It also kind of feels like shit when it seems like there's an unspoken bigotry hidden beneath the surface here.

(quick update edit: They seem to be review bombing in retaliation to people, too. Say anything negative or even simply supportive of something he doesn't like, and you'll be review bombed and all your images will have a thumbs down.)

How is that behavior not harmful? I would love to know if any actual action can be taken to prevent this.

In fact they seem to have thumbs-downed all of my images in retaliation, too. That or every single one of my uploaded images suddenly all were thumbs-downed within the same 3 minutes without any provocation. I don't believe that, though. That's not a coincidence. lmao

Users like that know what they're doing, and they're going to eventually push people off this site due to being so damn hostile and annoying to deal with. Like I have thick skin, I have zero doubt it's thicker than theirs with all the shit I've dealt with, but it can get somewhat draining, especially when the rules don't seem clear on this.

3 Answers

It may only be a small hurdle, but perhaps disallow review / flag as suspicious unless the user has downloaded the model (and some time has passed since as pettanko proposed)? If you are reviewing the model, review the model and nothing else, that much is evidence of effort. The download history's there and is perfectly timestamped, so it should be doable. That might make some people think twice, both for the inconvenience of downloading, waiting and deleting the model, and having content they find objectionable litter their history.

Not much of a deterrent for those particularly determined individuals, but I think they're the minority and would be difficult to root out regardless of countermeasures.

As for these emoji ratings, I wouldn't be concerned about those since they don't appear on the main page at all and barely on the model's, which is where most of the audience makes up their mind, I believe.

The real problem is not enough people are doing reviews. If they were, these review bombers would not be relevant as it would be a tiny percent of interactions. I just saw a guy give all thumbs down on pictures of a model and a one star because he was whining that it was made for sd2.1, so in his case, he actually liked it and wanted to use it (for 1.5) but review bombed while he was having his tantrum. There are heavy handed ways to punish these users (which could cause more problems) but the optimal solution invovles making reviews easier and perhaps incentivizing users to do so. Maybe requiring an image which uses the model to post a review? The thumbs down I would just ignore.

I don't believe it's approved of / allowed, but there probably isn't much they can do to stop it either. Perhaps a delay to either require X minutes before a review is allowed or just not count review ratings from people who only leave negative reviews or only leave reviews on certain users / tags.

The latter idea would also help stop people using bots / sock puppet accounts to vote up their own models

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