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CTRL+K works for search, so why "hijack" CTRL+P?

Have to make a PDF for every model and LoRA because of the various unique triggers and suggested settings. ALT+F, P takes twice as long.

3 Answers

Did not get your idea.

I, too, find this change to be malevolent. Since I don't trust the internet, I fear that every site might be deleted. Therefore, saving as a PDF is essential for me. I do it even though it's a nuisance. It really is a hassle. But this change clearly impedes that. It's annoying. If the developers have even a shred of conscience left, they should revoke this wicked change.

If you disable the Quick Search beta, the CTRL+P hotkey is restored. I always print the notes provided by model creators and using CTRL+P is a force of habit. (Unfortunately, I now miss out on the Quick Search.)

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