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opinion on search bar

With the new update in the search bar, I consider that it is unnecessary for a list to appear with the stars, the image and other statuses, when you search for a model, since the search slows down, even sometimes plasma wants to show the modal that sends all that information, before, just searching for the name was super fast, in addition to already showing the second view with the searched models, that modal with all the characteristics of the models is redundant.

4 Answers

The least desired update and feature on CivitAI, because:

1. There is already working (on occasion) search on CivitAI.
2. "New" search doesn't show some results for no reason. Especially, that marked as "intended to produce mature content only"

  • Even if i've tuned off any nsfw filters and removed blurring

3. "New" search is laggy as heck. At least - for me and my friends.

  • Opera, Chrome, Yandex, doesn't matter.

4. Why do we need a search bar inside a search bar? Weird.

  • But it would be okay, if there would be a separate button (near original search bar) for turning it on and off.

5. There is no any possibilities to filter results by LoRA (its types and etc) and other stuff, it called just "models" in quick search. Why?

  • "Quick" search is not a justification.

6. Why do we even need separated search by tag? There is so many models and other works, that not tagged correctly, you can just miss some stuff you're looking for.

Right now it looks like a rudimentary feature, that nobody asked for. Just a reminder, we're still waiting for update, when people won't be alble to leave a review w/o any commentary or example images in post. But for some reason, CivitAI devs are doing quick search.

Yeah, I need to search some "tutorial" on how to use this search because I wanna search "checkpoints", with a certain tag in them, but all I get is Lora + checkpoint + locon. I have no clue how to use filters and now I need to waste time learning the new buggy/laggy search bar

The search function's ability to relate needs to be improved.

It's hard to believe that the retarded nature of the search bar function clashes so much with the intelligent nature of the newest AI community.

I may be the only person who likes the new search, but it's worked great for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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