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why Tos violate

I don't know why some of my images been flagged Tos violation,they are the same with my other images!, that's weird.

2 Answers

Hi, this happens because of half-witted CivitAI bot, that flags images as TOS-violating. For example, if your character has too young-looking face. The most frequent reason for marking as TOS-violating.

It was marking some of my images with "warning" sign, and it tells, that image needs moderator review, but after changing just eyes color, it says: "(creper) Awww man, now it's okay".

Aslo, your images might get reported by users.

Civit has some kind of automated system that tried to detect if a character looks like a child wearing sexual clothing. The system is not terribly accurate, so it will false flag nonstop.

If you want to avoid it you need to make sure your character has 40 pound breasts and looks very much like an adult. Also do not use words like "loli" in your prompt or it will instantly reject it, and don't make images of a real person wearing anything skimpy or nude

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